Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hello All

For those of you who have been checking our blogs, you will realise that there have been no new blogs in quite some time. We have got so caught up in living here that we have had little time to sit and blog. Also, we have had some computer viruses that limited our blogging capacity. Even now, I'm not too keen to do the whole picture thing as I have to disable a number of blockers in order to do so.
So, instead, this is just to fill you in on what has been happening.

In April, it was John's birthday, soon followed by our friend Kristen's birthday. So, we decided to do "10, no 11 days of birthday fun". This included everything from scavenger hunts to Korean Barbecue and beyond! We even found time to splash in the puddles of Mid-town and throw a frisbee on the Great Lawn in Central Park. John learnt to ice-sculpt a bowl (which we ate fruitsalad out of) and Kristen and I had our make-up done in Henri Bendel. We sampled fancy caviar at Petrossian and ate ice-cream from the Chinatown Ice-cream Factory. It was a full and fantastic birthday extravaganza.

Jess (John's sister) arrived for about another 10 days early in May. So we had more busy time enjoying the delights of the city. We did some new things with Jess and revisited some old favorites. We saw the Yankee's play the Mariners at Yankee Stadium, ushered at the Blue Man Group in order to get free tickets, Made a bear (or turtle) at the Build-a-Bear Workshop, shopped at Century 21, saw an Off-broadway production of Anne of Green Gables and much, much more.
We calmed things down a little after Jess' trip and settled back into our daily routine, but we're also trying to get through all the things we still want to do. We went to the Hamptons for Memorial Day. There we snoozed on the beach and watched the waves coming in. We now understand why people the world over are amazed by Australian beaches. Nothing else compares! We were surprised how snobby the area is - all these people living the "American Dream" to the exclusion of everyone else.

We're preparing for a visit from Matt which I sense will be as action packed as (if not more than) Jess' trip. Broadway shows, more sports etc. in store.

We're also making the most of the warmer weather. I've got back into running in the mornings, and we sit out in the backyard during the evenings. The dog has come to enjoy our evening ball-throwing 'routine'! I'm hoping to get to some pretty gardens as well before we head home. It is absolutely amazing how GREEN this place is. There is no water shortage, so everything is such a rich green that seeps of life. That is one of the big things I know I will miss. Watermelon here tastes sensational.

I'll get some pictures up once I've checked things out with John. But, thought I should give you some goss anyway.


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