Thursday, May 11, 2006

Great News At Last!

God's been great. I've been putting in 110% effort trying to get a job in New York City and praying that God will help. And, it came down to God's efforts, not mine! I have been offered a position at the Geneva School of Manhattan and I am very excited about starting. It is a Christian co-ed school grades pre-K to 8 and has about 100 students. It looks really great! Now, I'm working toward the whole visa process, hoping (and still praying) that it will run smoothly. I am not so concerned any more and am finding it easier to trust God each day. I am amazed by how God works and so very impressed by his timing. I don't think I will actually relax until the day I am standing in front of my class and saying good morning for the first time. But I AM becoming more and more thrilled and it is slowly sinking in.
I watch TV and see New York City SO often. Now I can imagine where I will be working (on Park Avenue, just 2 blocks from Central Park). It's going to be so great. Not necessarily easy, but great and absolutely amazing!


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