Monday, January 01, 2007

After Christmas and New Years (John)

All of our Australian friends have left now. It was nice while they were here, because we could play tourist with them. A couple of my favourite things are the A, C, E 14th Street subway station, and the Empire State building.

At the 14th Street station there are heaps of little bronze statues. They are mostly of little people doing various subway related activities, such as sneaking in, building the station, or waiting for a train. I love wandering around the station finding these little guys hiding everywhere.

The Empire State building is always fun. There’s not much to tell, it’s just a very high building in New York. It’s very impressive that they built it so long ago.

We did New Years Eve in Times Square, with the ball supplied by Tiffany’s I’m told. We got there at 1330hrs, so the wait was a killer. We were on 7th between 43rd and 44th, if you wanted to google it. The NYPD was superbly bad at how they handled the crowds, but I’m sure they were pushed to their limits with numbers. I only heard of one bloke being locked up… for public urination. This was probably helped by the fact that there’s no alcohol, bottles, or anything else on a long list of items not to bring. We thought that it was good, because with drink comes trips to the toilet, and once you leave for the toilet they won’t let you back in. They were expecting record crowds of over a million people, so it was awesome to be a part of it. Pen and I both wore the silly red hats they gave out.

During the night I acquired 3 red hats. After the show was over and we were walking to a job I had to do at 0130hrs, a little old Asian lady approached us, and asked if we wanted to sell one of our hats. I asked her how much she wanted to pay for it, and she offered $20! I took the money and it paid for our food for the day, and we still have one each. I checked on ebay, and people are actually selling… and bidding on these things. I’m shocked. Perhaps we don’t need two hats…

Otherwise not much else is happening; Penny got some Heelies for Christmas, and now falls on her arse while walking the dog. Very funny.


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