Saturday, June 17, 2006

All to get to New York

[I just wrote a brilliant blog that I lost when I tried to check the spelling - D'oh. So I don't know if I have it in me to do it again.]

It's the beginning of not really living or belonging anywhere. We live in this strange house now, without our awesome couches and home theatre system. We squish up on a tiny lounge and watch our movies on the laptop. As we eat our dinner like this, we realise that it is preparation for New York. We miss what we had, but don't yet have what we dream of. We're in a place of limbo.

I've had a few good laughs over the past week when I've considered the crazy things we are doing to get to New York. We're at the 'selling the house' stage of the whole adventure and we're trying to live in the house without making a mess. There are certain every day household items that live in the shed while people walk through the house. There are other items that get temporarily prettified. Poor Colby sits out the back tied to a pole! If we use a tea towel, we fold it back up and put it away! Our meals have been take-away so we don't dirty the recently cleaned oven! Our clean and dirty clothes piles are stashed away out of sight. We've had AN offer, but not THE offer. It's early days, so we have time to wait.

Our garage sale last weekend got rained on and we ended up taking most of the stuff to the tip. Because of the rain, the tip was sloshy and muddy, and by the end of it, so were we! My hair was a mass of knots and I looked a right royal mess! Who would choose to do this on a rainy Saturday afternoon! I laughed when I realised how crazy we were. We must really want New York bad!

[Okay. I think this might have ended up better than the first one. Different though.]


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