Friday, January 19, 2007

More sight seeing from when Sal was visiting

The order of events is all wrong - but you get the idea. We did lots of sight seeing all over New York City. These first ones are some of the cool big buildings in the Financial District. City Hall? or The Court House? Maybe?.... I just like how they look anyway.

Now, I'm not too sure about this one either. The sculptor called it "Eyes" but I have my doubts!

We caught the Staten Island ferry again. You can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. The best time to do this trip out is sunset, but it's also very cold.

This is the other Staten Island ferry. There is no subway between Staten Island and Manhattan, so people commute on the ferry (for free) each day.

The Brooklyn Bridge. (I love it!) We walked across and were going to have pizza at a place I found in my new book ("1001 things to do in New York City"). Unfortunately, I'm not the first person to read the book - the line was out the door and up the street. We didn't have time, so John and I will need to go back another time.

Macy's was having big sales after Christmas. It was pretty crowded. We had planned to take some photos of the world's first escalator, but struggled against the crowds. Sal and I did shopping most of the days she was visiting. John thought it was a great joke as we both had mini-backpacks and matching shopping bags.

This giant cockroach was somewhere downtown. It's only a little larger than the ones we get inside from time to time. We're actually more at war with the mice, with John's catch approaching 20 at a rapid rate. They have normal mouse traps here, but they also have horrid ones that are just a very sticky sheet of paper. The mouse gets stuck to the paper and can't get off. As much as I hate having to kill mice, I think normal mouse traps are far more humane. It's cruel to let a mouse struggle until it starves to death.

There's a cool place in Soho (?) that serves all different flavours of rice pudding. Samples are free and delicious. We got a container to share - mmm. There are really cool signs here that I'm sure John would have photographed had he been with us, but he wasn't. I'm sure I'll be back there!

We ate lunch in Little Italy. It was a pretty good feed for a nice price (a lunch bargain) and the restaurant was well decorated. People kept flowing through the door the whole time we were there. We also went to Chinatown for bubble tea, however Sal doesn't share my enthusiasm over them!

Dylan's Candy Store has SO many lollies, chocolates, ice-cream sundaes etc, but you pay through the nose for them. I've not actually bought anything there yet. I just go for the fun of looking. Even the stairs have candy in them. We also went to the Hershey store and the Lindt store (where they gave us free chocolate) and to the M&M store that was more merchandise than chocolate.

Toys R Us is another great place to look around. The photos below show a picture that hangs on the wall and is made from lego. There are a couple of these in the store. We've all seen fancy 3D Lego creations before, but I thought this was a clever idea for something different.

I took Sal ice skating at Bryant Park.

This is a fence of tile memorial messages that were made after September 11. There was great variety and creativity. We also went down to ground zero and looked around the area. The Freedom Towers are yet to be built - a constant point of contention amongst New Yorkers.


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