Monday, August 04, 2008

Back for a month

John and I couldn't stay away. We missed New York too much upon our return to Australia, so quickly began planning for a return visit. Given that it was my 30th birthday, we figured that was excuse enough and planned around that.
Of course, this also put us in New York for the bit we missed previously - July, the middle of summer. It was an awesome month, that did nothing to ease the longing we have to return! In fact, it seemed to strengthen our bonds with the city, and made us realise, that really, it will always be a home to us.
Some of the highlights? Gordon Ramsey's restaurant "The London", The Philharmonic in the Park, Shakespeare in the Park "Hamlet", The Upright Citizens Brigade (a must to return to), shopping, shopping and more shopping (including designer sample sales), a tour of the Steinway factory, cycling around the perimeter of Manhattan, kayaking in the Hudson, Texas hold-em poker with friends, karaoke, frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity and soaking in the sun and sites of the city in summer.
On top of all this, it was REALLY great to catch up with all our friends, and especially to meet the brand new baby of Cory and Hayley. We also got to see Cory perform in a musical in Waterbury, Connecticut - a lot of fun!
So, now we're back in Australia's winter. And it just doesn't compare! It seems that we will forever long for the New York City life. So, we've been looking at how we can make that happen again in the long term. It seems that we will never feel at ease until we are back in the city.
And you know, it's not just the big things. We love to travel by subway - it's cheaper, convenient, and allows you to spend your time reading, listening to music/podcasts etc without the concerns of car ownership. We love the buzz. We love that things are always open so that if we feel like dinner at 10pm, we still have a huge selection to choose from. We love how close everything is. We love ... we love it.