Sunday, July 16, 2006

Somewhere to live

I'm on holidays at the moment and loving it. But still pretty busy. We have been looking for good places to invest our money, dealing with some issues from the buyer of our house and getting my wisdom teeth pulled - OUCH! But I'm in a great mood today, because my gums feel good, and everything is working again. This week we do our tax, catch up with a couple of friends, and I finish clearing out my stuff from school. It's actually going to be a pretty busy week. And I'm looking forward to Friday night when we have a bit of a hen's night for my sister.
We've also found somewhere to live for at least August and September. It's an apartment in Clinton Street. It's in Manhattan (the island of New York City) and if you look on this map, it's just above the Williamsburg Bridge on The Lower East Side. In fact, the Williamsburg road is just out the front of the apartment block - it may be noisy!! We've been checking it out on Google Earth and looking at all the restaurants, schools etc in the area. As you can tell, we're very excited! There's a cool park nearby that has a dog run, and we've also been thinking about runs we can do with Colbs - maybe over the bridge to Brooklyn, maybe up along the water's edge...
John took Colby out to visit his Mum's place at Murrumbateman on the weekend as that's where he will be staying for two weeks before joining us in New York. He doesn't get how the runner works and looked most miserable standing halfway up in the rain! Hopefully he'll get the hang of it while he's there.
So, all the planning etc is going well still and while we're not actually counting down the days as such, we know that it's now less than a month. We're realising the things we will miss, and trying to make the most of our last chances.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

The lull

I'm enjoying the lull at the moment. With the house sold and most of our belongings gone, it's nice to enjoy a moment of rest. It's the last week of term, so my last 5 days with my gorgeous class. I'm really having a nice time with them and just enjoying the special people that they are.
I imagine that it will get hectic again in the last couple of weeks before we go, but at this stage, it's just really nice.
I'll have my wisdom teeth removed during the holidays so will probably be a big grump then. But better to do it now so I don't have to think about it in the US. It's just a shame we can't get it covered with our Medical insurance - we're a few weeks too early!
We're doing the catch-up and goodbyes with everyone over the next couple of weeks. I'm no good at goodbyes so I'm not looking forward to that aspect.
John and I are starting to get nervous about the whole idea of packing up and leaving the country. We still want to do it, without a doubt, but the enormity of it is suddenly hitting home.
Not long now.