Friday, August 04, 2006

And the cupboard was bare...

We now have less than a week before we fly out. I think we got sick of sorting, packing etc about a month ago, and we've only just reached the end now. We have one room that contains all our bags (and there's quite a lot) which are just about 30kg each. We decided to take an extra bag and pay the extra rather than send it with Australia post via sea mail - it will get there sooner and is cheaper too.
The other rooms are mostly cleared now. There are just a couple of things we are waiting to have picked up from people and a few measly belongings to get us through the week. We also have a surplus of alcohol to work our way through!!
We'll be staying with my parents on Wednesday night and picking up the car from there. We have so much stuff that we're just hoping we have enough space in the car! I may be travelling to Murrumbateman with a dog on my lap! Very soon now. I'll update again later.


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