Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hi All,
To save us heaps of individual sms' we decided to tap out a quick blog.
We are not affected by the plane crash. It happened at around 72nd Street, we live below 2nd Street, so it was no where near our place. Both Pen and I were at 57th Street around the time that it happened, and all we saw/heard was many sirens going everywhere (which is not that much different to every other day in NY), and heaps of people standing at shop windows watching the news.
It appears that the only person in the plane was a Yankee's pitcher. How hard can it be... steer away from the ground if you're in the air.
Last we heard there were 4 dead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Penny John, I've been watching you a lot. I think I like it. You too are my aussie pals.

Best operator.

1:16 AM  

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