Sunday, October 08, 2006

Food, Glorious Food

I realise it's time for a food update. I've been busy 'trying new foods' lately. It actually isn't too hard to find an excuse to eat something here! My best excuse is that "it's all part of the experience" but as my sister has pointed out, I have a year to try it all. There's no reason to rush things!
I've now tried the large pretzels and the Nuts4Nuts that are sold at the stands throughout the city. We found the best donuts in the world only about 5 minutes walk from home. They are a little like Krispy Kremes but softer (if you can believe it) with a sweet creaminess through the centre of the ring. And John discovered "Bubble Tea" - a cold tea (with milk) that has little tapioca balls in the bottom. You suck the balls up with a thicker-than-normal straw and so you get to eat your drink too! As one of those people who likes to play with her food, this is a big bonus to me.
John loves Panini sandwiches which are made with thin pita-like bread (called panini I guess!). You can buy them at the delis here.
Broccoli is a feature in Asian dishes. You can get chicken and broccoli, shrimp and broccoli etc... I've never been that much of a broccoli fan!
Last night I went down to Chinatown and got some egg rolls (a little like spring rolls but bigger) and 3D Chow Fun (wide noodles with various meats). It was good but not spectacular. Maybe I'm not a big fan of Chinese food after all.
Mexican food is great and in abundance. You can get double layer tacos that have a hard-shell taco with a soft taco smothered in cheez whiz on the outside. The guacamole is delicious and I love the rice and beans that come in the burritos.
As you can imagine, my waist is growing and I'm not running quite enough. But, hopefully it will balance out at some stage!


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