Sunday, October 08, 2006


I seem to be finding it difficult to stay awake when I am sitting quietly for more than 5 minutes! I used to only have trouble when I went to see a movie, but these days it can be anywhere. Last Sunday we went to a baseball game - Yankees vs. Toronto. We had really cool seats with a great view of the field. I had a brilliant time and really got into the game. However... for the last 20 minutes or so I kept drifting off to sleep! There was nothing I could do to pull myself out of it. Then today, I kept dozing off during the sermon at church. I think I need more sleep!
The baseball game was at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. John picked up the tickets from someone through Craigs List. We rode the subway out there and took some of our own snacks as we knew the food would be expensive. I think that beers were $8.50 and cotton candy was $4.50 just to give you an idea of prices. It was very cool though, because they threw the snacks to customers just like they do on TV/movies. They really do sing that song "Take me out to the ball game" too. Like I said earlier, I had a brilliant time. The Yankees have now been eliminated from the "World Series" which isn't really a 'world' series at all. The Mets are still going for the time being though.


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