Friday, September 08, 2006

Just a little training

I realise that my job as a teacher is to teach/train students to do new things. I guess that is why the first day is so hard. They need to be taught how to do everything my way. If it's not explicitly taught, they possibly won't do it. So, today was MUCH better. They generally new what to do. I also knew what needed more focus. I even knew what WOULDN'T work in my favour.
I took the class to Central Park today for the gym lesson and we stayed for a play afterward. We didn't take lunches, so our hands were free. And I gave them two simple rules: 1. Keep up. 2. Stay in line. The walk went much more smoothly and I maintained the structure for the play time - being the first day and all. I had a line for the slide and then four lines for the swings. I like a bit of freedom usually, but it seemed to work much better with the structure today. The school is very structured. Check out our ice-cream party. The kids sat in rows to eat and some of mine gathered in a circle!

We went out for happy hour after work which was really great. It's so nice to catch up with everyone since we hardly see each other during the day.
I'm feeling really positive today (even though I had to pack up my classroom for the weekend). John's job finishes tonight so I'm really looking forward to the weekend.
We've hardly seen each other this week as John has worked past midnight most nights. Last night he was kept back til about 3:30am. It seems like he's really quite keen to get into the film industry as a gaffer. (I'm not real sure what it is yet - but you could always google it!)
Life's good, and I'm in New York City!


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