Friday, August 25, 2006

The Moma

Today we went to the Museum of Modern Art. It's a great museum with great art and it's free on Friday's between 4 and 8pm. So, we joined the throngs of tourists waiting half an hour to get in, followed by about the same again to check my bag and later to pick it up again. That said, it was well worth it and we got half price vouchers to go again (which I will need to do as it was far too crowded to really enjoy anything). There are stacks of masterpieces there which I would like to spend some real time looking at and they have audio commentary available which I think would be invaluable. I want to develop a greater appreciation of art, and where better to do that? I took some photos to throw in here but of course, it's much better to see the real thing. I've also included some photos near windows to show the art against the beautifully artistic background of New York City. It's just amazing.

Monet (left)

Picasso (right)

Van Gogh (left)

Matisse (right)

Cezanne (left)


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