Friday, August 25, 2006


Thank you everyone for your encouragement to keep writing. I realise I have been through a bit of a writing slump this week - what with starting work and all - but I now have a whole bunch of things I want to tell you, so here goes...
The subways here are a whole culture of their own. They are the most efficient method of travel in the city with trains serving most of Manhattan non-stop (except when maintennance is required). If you miss your train during most times throughout the day, you need only wait about 6 minutes for the next one. Because they are so efficient, they're very heavily used. And because so many people use them, the people of New York have developed a set of norms for subway behaviour.
People are usually quiet and keep to themselves (not much looking around). People generally listen to music on headphones, read a book, play an electronic game, read the paper or sleep. People tend NOT to smile or joke around. I took some photos under the pretense of listening to my music (my phone is very versatile).
Something else cool about the subway is the 'free' entertainment while you wait for your train. Something uncool is that people often beg for money while your ride - last week a woman was asking for money because her apartment burnt and she needed to feed her three kids etc. You don't really know who or what to believe here.


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