Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Starting Work

I started work this week. I don't really have any photos to show for it yet, but I thought I should mention how it is all going.
There are 7 new teachers at the school this year and most of us have come from somewhere other than New York. Amy is from Florida, Buck is from California, Jennifer is from Louisianna and Cole is from somewhere else that I can't remember.
The headmaster has nicknamed the school "People of the box" as we are living/working out of boxes and everything in our classrooms needs to be wheelable so that we can share the room with other groups in the church.
It's a challenge and an adventure, and I feel slightly better about it all after each day of orientation. So, at this rate, I will be confident enough by the end of next week!
John has been very busy in our apartment keeping it clean and preparing our meals. He's also been applying for jobs, registering the dog...etc.
Each evening, when I get home, we walk the dog to the park and then pick up the groceries we need for dinner. John does the shopping and I wait outside with Colby. Colby is making lots of human friends out the front of the shop and we're getting to know some of the regulars. It's a bit of fun!
We're still enjoying our time, but find ourselves exhausted at the end of each day. I think that's typical of New York living.


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