Saturday, August 19, 2006

Picking up Colby / Local Gardens

Many people thought we were crazy for wanting to bring our dog to New York, and let me tell you, picking him up from the airport was quite a trial in itself! We received conflicting messages about where to pick him up from, and then when we got there, his plane was running 1 hour 40 minutes late. When he did arrive, the people at cargo wasted time with paperwork and so forth and wanted $25 in exact cash (which we didn't have, nor could we get in exact change from an ATM). 2 hours after he arrived at cargo, we were finally able to leave, and as we had a taxi waiting the WHOLE time, it was quite costly. But in the end, we were just so glad to have him. He seems to be fitting in pretty well in New York. He enjoys walking around the city, but there are some things he avoids like grates on the road and metal doors that cover store cellars. People are generally afraid of him, which is odd considering the 'tough' face they usually display for everyone else! He is a big dog, but he's not scary!!!

Today I took some photos of the local parks. There is a park here called Tompkins Park where dogs can run off lead and play with other dogs. In other areas of the park there are basketball courts, a pool and a children's playground with a water fountain for children to play under. Buskers play music in the park and people sit on park benches reading the paper, watching people etc.

There are also community gardens that people volunteer in and they just keep them growing and make them fun to look at and be in. They take up the space an apartment block usually would and pop up here and there all over the neighbourhood. You don't really have to walk far to enjoy a garden, but you don't have to maintain it yourself!


Blogger Graham Jensen said...

Hi Penny

Loving your Blog - providing great inspiration to other potential Bloggers in class.
Looking forward to hearing about your first day at school.

Graham Jensen

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Greg said...

Hi. I found your blog through the comment you left on the New York Hack blog. I thought you might like to read about the history of Tompkins Square Park. Here are links to a couple of Wikipedia articles: Tompkins Square Park, Tompkins Square Park Police Riot
(Since anyone can edit a Wikipedia article, you should take what you read with a grain of salt.)

7:30 AM  

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