Friday, August 18, 2006

Free Concerts

Both last night and this morning we went to free concerts in Bryant Park. Bryant Park is another brilliant place that is on our local subway route, so very easy to get to. Last night they had an orchestral performance of a variety of popular music including the James Bond themes and songs from Star Wars. We got Thai food from about 10 minutes walk away and sat at one of the tables in the park to eat. We then had ice-cream sitting on the grass in front of the stage. It was a really enjoyable night. I couldn't have asked for more.
I stuffed up my subway entry on the way home. There are two types of turnstile and one of them I usually have trouble with, and then can't use my ticket again for a while. I'm just a big unco! So, we had to walk to 34th Street station instead!
Today we got up early to go and see the Good Morning America Summer Concert with Christina Aguilera. We watched A LOT of rehearsing before the real show and the sound was pretty terrible, plus we had to stand the whole time. It was good to have done, but not nearly as enjoyable and relaxed as last night. It was pretty fake because they were doing it for TV.
We pick up the dog in a few hours and I'm so excited!!!!


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