Sunday, August 13, 2006

In Sydney 10/08/06

We have now made it as far as Sydney. Earlier today we dropped off a sad Colby in Murrumbateman and loaded him up with bones to get him through the day. The drive was pretty good and we had time to catch up with friends when we arrived in Sydney. The traffic was pretty shocking and it took forever to get from our hotel to the city. I couldn’t figure out where I should find Circular Quay. How am I ever going to cope in New York?! We went out to Kingsley’s Steakhouse for dinner – tasty as always. We’re now trying to stay awake a bit longer so that we sleep well on the plane…or something!
There was a terrorist threat in the UK today – people trying to sneak explosives onto British planes bound for the US. I’m sure we’ll be safe and all, but it may hold us up a little more in customs. Oh joy!


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