Thursday, August 17, 2006

Food, Laundry and Playing it 'hard'

My faith in New York food has been renewed. My memory of the food in New York from our last visit was much better than I have been discovering since we’ve been here…until last night. Before leaving Australia, I looked into local restaurants and tried to find some that would suit us. I found an Indian restaurant in the hopes of finding a restaurant here to substitute Ramas. We tried it on Monday but it just didn’t compare. John thought the Korma and Saag were okay, I didn’t particularly like any of it! However, the DID throw in lots of extras. We didn’t pay for the rice, dips, or papadums, and they throw in paper plates and cutlery, so you don’t even have to wash up. We’ve also tried pizza and lasagna from downstairs, but it was all very greasy. They gave us extra stuff too and are very friendly, but the food just isn’t something we enjoyed.
BUT last night was GREAT! When I got home from unpacking stuff at work, John popped down to Maccas to get some cheese sticks with Marinara sauce….mmmm! Then, we went to a restaurant that serves Maine lobsters on Wednesday for only $14. They come served with corn and your choice of potato. The corn was the best I’ve had since arriving here (I’m a big fan of corn), the baked potatoes were crunchy (just how I like them) and the lobster was scrum-diddly-icious!
We’ve also been experimenting with how to do our laundry. There are some people in our street who charge 80 cents a pound to wash and fold your laundry. We got them to do our last lot, and it came to about $10. There are also Laundromats where you do it all yourself. You can do quite a big load for $2.50, but you have to have the time to sit there and wait for it. So, we’ve decided that we’ll try to do it ourselves, but if we find we’re too busy, we’ll use the ladies up the street.
I was out on my own for the first time yesterday. I had a luncheon at the school, so I went there while John did some shopping, worked on applications and did the laundry. I’m finding it funny to try to balance the ‘I’m hard. Don’t come near me’ attitude with my normal, cheery, friendly self. I thought that you had to appear tough so people don’t cross you, but I find that people are cracking out of that all the time, and really, we’re all just cheery, friendly people! It’s all about this idea of ‘self-preservation’. But I find once I get to know an area I let my guard down a bit. Not too much, just enough to let people see a little of the real me. Gotta keep that alive.
Colby arrives tomorrow. We’ve booked a dog taxi so we can bring him home. Apparently some normal taxis will let you take a dog, but you have to sweet talk them, and we don’t think that will work at the airport during peak hour when there are so many other passengers without dogs. We had thought of hiring a car to pick him up, but we don’t feel confident enough about the roads etc yet. We’ve also started to plan how we can get Colby onto the subway should we need to. Central Park is quite a long way uptown and we’d really like to take him there sometime.
Just a bit of trivia to finish off: here, the word ‘visit’ refers to what you do when you are with someone ie. talk, listen etc. as opposed to Australia where it is the process of going somewhere. For example, yesterday at the luncheon I went to, we were told to visit with the people at our table.


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