Monday, September 04, 2006

Up-and-down week

Last week was an up-and-down week. The weather was mostly wet and a lot colder. I didn't feel very motivated and started to get the grumps a bit! Mid-week John got an unpaid job helping out with a movie shoot which was really great because it got him out an about and gave him something to do. One of his friends from Australia also arrived about the same time, so I picked him up from Penn station and helped him back to our place. His travel mate also came, but arrived by plane. So we went out for dinner a couple of nights and made the most of happy hour another night! John's job has been keeping him busy full days - 8am til 10pm, so I've had to entertain myself and take a bit more responsibility for meal preparation. Yesterday I found a great supermarket with nice fresh food, so I cooked one of John's favourites. I also got strawberries and icecream for dessert! I've been doing a bit of exploring of Manhattan. I've done some general wandering and window shopping - trying to figure out where to get stuff.
The weather cleared up this weekend. Yesterday I went to church in the morning and then went up to Central Park. I walked up the east side, soaking in all the natural beauty. I realise that it is a man-made design, but man still couldn't make the trees, birds and squirrels. While I wandered, I thought it might be cool to get a book about the birds of New York City and being a bird spotter for a year. Something to break away from the hustle and bustle of city streets. It was really enjoyable walking through the park and probably took me about an hour. Then I caught a bus back down 5th Avenue and enjoyed looking at all the shops and buildings. You miss out on a lot when you travel by subway. The underground all looks the same and it's not very pretty!
Today (being Labor Day holiday) I ran with Colby up to Central Park again (I wanted to show him how cool it is!). He struggled a bit toward the end because he was thirsty. Once we got there we found some water and he was like a whole new dog! He was very excited and keen to sniff things and splash in ponds. He rolled around on the grass and lay in the sun. I think it was as revitalising for him as it was for me.
By the time we ran home, we'd been out for about 4 hours. Needless to say, we were both pretty tired. So since then we really only ate and snoozed! I haven't done all the teaching preparation I hoped to do, but I may get some done this evening.
I was really sad to hear about Steve Irwin dying in Australia. While I wasn't a big fan of the "Crocodile Hunter" I was a big fan of Steve Irwin the man and father. I was impressed by his genuine love of animals and the way he loved and related to his family. He seemed like a really caring and passionate person. It's good that he died doing what he loves, but it's a shame it happened now!
Please remember to update me with things like this as we only get the major news items.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pen & John,
Great reading your news, I haven't been able to catch up for over a week and you have done lots since then. I also have given your address to Aunty Bev and Aunty Carolyn so they can catch up on how you're going. I particularly liked John's stories, he is such an interesting story teller hey!!
I love you both and am glad you've finding lots of interesting things to do - love Mum (Joy) XX

8:39 PM  
Blogger Mel K said...

Hi Penny and John
Your Mum has just given me your Blog Site great to see you are having a good time .
It is a great chance for you both to experience a realy different life wow great chance to see yourseleves opperate in totaly new surrounds. Hope you meet some great people that will help deepen your Faith and open your eyes to new ways and thinking .
Yours In Faith
Mel Cath Dan and Adam

7:51 AM  

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